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AWARD WINNING Video Production Services

Digital Filmmakers offer a extensive range of video production services. We can guide you through the entire process, advising you step by step taking you through concept development to post production. We get know your business story, message, audience and aims, then through the power of film we tell that story.

Please find a breakdown of workflow and the types of services we offer below.

Our Workflow

Digital Filmmakers can offer a complete service solution for your video project which includes but not limited to:

Pre Production

Concept development, Budgeting, Scripting, Story-boarding, Developing a shot list, Identifying (and hiring) talent, Location scouting with a Site visit, Crew scheduling and any other planning element specific to your video



All filming equipment and everything that happens on set – from carrying in the gear, setting up the lights, organising the crew, talent, sound, rolling the cameras – all of it falls into the production bucket. We will also include some BTS photography and product placement stills.


Post Production

In post, the film will be assembled per the storyboard agreed from our pre-production model. Sound, music are added, as are graphics, titling and effects. We’ll send over a draft copy for you to watch and make change requests. More edits are made, and a new draft is delivered for inspection. This process continues until you are satisfied. Then the video is finished (with color grading and audio sweetening), and the file is encoded and delivered.


NB: Our service does not include any associated costs outside of this service such as actor, prop, costume, venue, accommodation or insurance fees. You will however, be kept fully up to date with all fees that will require your sign off. 

*Please see below for examples of our workflow developed for previous clients


Pre Production

Workflow Sample

We were hired by the St. Pierre Groupe to produce a series of short product commercials for their french inspired bakery brand. 

We came up with the full concept of producing some beautiful short French Art House cinema-esque films.

On the left you will see sample of the Imagery we based one of the commercials on, click below to see how this was then excecuted.


Workflow example

On-Location for our product shoot for Paul Hollywoods range of ready to bake products.

We use state of the art equipment and shoot in full cinema 4k

The crew are qualified in many areas of Film & Television production and benefit from years of on-set experience gained from the BBC, Films or Commercials for leading brands. Specialities include filming, editing, producing and directing.

See Film

Post Production

That's a wrap!” When the director makes the call, cameras stop rolling, and a film is ready to move into its final phase: postproduction

Our in-house team use the very latest in industry standard post production software. We use the very same video editing, SFX, audio and colour grading software used by hollywood.

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